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Springtime gigs

The next two weekends will be a chance for me to play solo amongst the books.
On Saturday 27 April, I’ll be crossing the border to play in Figueres in Spanish Catalonia, in a ‘Taverne Librairie’. It’s possible that I’ll also be playing the next day, Sunday, at noon, for a last-minute concert in the same region. (To be continued).
And on Friday 03 May at 6pm, I’ll be in western Hérault, at the Maureilhan media library, for a showcase.
I’m always on the lookout for new dates, so don’t hesitate to suggest them to me, or to spread the word.

Showcase Médiathèque de Maureilhan (France)

Affiche concert Figuerès 27 avril 2024
Affiche concert Maureilhan 3 mai 2024