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New photos

It’s not a trivial exercise to have your face photographed. You look at yourself in the mirror every morning, so much so that you come to know every characteristic, every flaw. We learn, as best we can, to come to terms with the physical transformations that time inflicts.
Virginie Nourry and I wandered along the shores of the “singular island”, towards the salt marshes. From lines to horizon, we drifted towards fallow areas, wastelands and dump sites, until we came to this number 23, which has been following me around for years.
The magnificent black and white of Virginia is steep and soft, as contrasting as life itself. It’s a bit like William Klein’s New York and Mario Giacomelli’s Italy. Virginie loves Italy. Apart from her first name, is it another reason why her musical project is called La Pietà? Go and listen to her sing, it punches you in the gut and warms your heart.

Grazie mille Virginie!

PS: Of course, you can see the photos in the pics section!