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Trouble Fête (LP, 2024)

Pochette album Guilhöm Trouble Fête

On n’apprends rien, On avance quand même, on fonce vers l’impact. Malgré nos valises pleines et le poids des années :
Elles sont lourdes et chargées du fardeau de nos actes manquées
de celui des regrets, des efforts consentis et des grands incendies qui ravagent les plaines, les laisse sèches et arides, quand nos brèches sont vides. On a pansé nos blessures et blessé nos pensées. On pensait tout recommencer, Mais rien n’est moins sûr.
Retourner la terre, Retarder l’impact, Revenir en arrière pour que reste intact le ventre de la mère qui se contracte.
Modifier le scénario, pour changer de peau. Mais rien n’est moins sûr. Rien ne nous rassure. Rien. On n’apprends rien.
On a pansé nos blessures et blessé nos pensées.
On pensait tout recommencer, mais rien n’est moins sûr.


At first it is like a breath, like the murmur of water.
Who knows the depth of it? But it gets louder and louder
And then a rhythm takes shape, more and more clearly :
I can no longer escape, the trance is coming nearly
The bass is going crazy, more and more heavy. And i feel like a child as the rythm goes wild. I want to dive into the unknown
Carried away from the shore. As my mind is being blown
No turning back anymore.
Une part de moi même, que je ne soupçonnais pas,
Une part de moi même, que je ne connaissais pas.
Suddenly a shiver runs down my spine. Everything becomes clearer, all the elements align. I feel like a blackbird announcing the end of winter. My body is made of water and it dances in the fire.
In the crater of the volcano, in the flow of the river. I reach the ocean, then I rise into the air, Shocked with emotion, I am here, I am there. Everywhere, Nowhere.
Une part de moi même que je ne soupçonnais pas,
Une part de moi même, que je ne connaissais pas.


Wake up, it’s a new day! It’s time to take a step aside. wake up! the sun will soon be high in the sky. I open my eyelids, slowly let the light in. As I come back to the present, my mind is still wandering.
Another morning of running, usual habits, daily routine, spinning like a slot machine: Automatisms are killing me.
I behave like a robot To handle the pressure. I put duty before pleasure, need a reboot, to get free. Tic tac the clock is ticking,
That gets on my nerves. Overwhelmed with everything, Is this all I deserve? Lunch break: I eat too fast : mistake! I feel quite sickly.
Need to quickly reconnect on the right frequency. How to find inner peace If I don’t take the time to breathe? As the day slowly decrease, all I can do is grit my teeth. C’Mon
Don’t you understand? This world has gone insane! Face up… make my stand, I try even if it’s all in vain. And when the day is gone I play an old Nick Drake song. In the darkness all alone, I’ve been waiting for so long. Sailing against the current, smothering my own flame,
So many lessons I haven’t learned when everyday were the same.
Take away my sorrows! Take my fears away, I gotta keep going straight, forget those times I wasn’t clear with myself. Before I disappear, before it’s too late find the reason why i’m here.
Fight again and again, I try again and again. Locked up in my cage
I will try again and again. Fight again and again. I try again and again
Break out of my cage, I will try again and again.
Le jour se lève, j’ouvre les yeux, lève les paupières, J’ai peine à émerger, oublier les douleurs d’hier. J’erre dans mes songes, mais je ne gère pas les secondes qui me rongent mais ne me laissent pas le choix. Frightened by the unknown, what about the sens of it all ?What about when i’ll be gone ? Only one life after all.


Not today, Not tomorrow. La boule au ventre, le moral à zéro
Dans les chaussette.Tête dans le caoltar, Cafard Nahum. Moitié homme, moitié radar. Not today, not tomorrow. Let me alone, let me down. La boule au ventre, Anti héro: Je ne donne pas cher de ma peau. Not today, not tomorrow. Crevé, à plat, à plat ventre.
Moral à zéro, balle au centre, Fracassé, Dépassé, KO. Desaxé dans ma carapace. Ma carcasse et mes vieux os. J’ai pas le courage des oiseaux. Après l’orage il fera beau.


La nuit s’étend, Par delà l’espace temps, Jusqu’à l’autre bout,
L’autre bout de la ville, ou l’autre bout du monde.
La nuit s’étend, et la ville est tranquille. Plus elle lâche prise, plus les tensions s’apaisent,Tout devient imprécis, le rythme s’infléchit L’ombre gagne les murs, et transforme le bruit. En murmure.
La nuit s’étend quand la rumeur s’éteint. Désormais j’entends chaque son distinctement Le chaos a cessé, tout est apaisé Tout est bouleversé, tout est parfait. Dans les artères de ma ville, Et jusqu’au port, Et jusqu’au bord du monde. La nuit s’étend. La nuit s’étend.
Les ombres dansent. La nuit s’étend, Et je m’étends avec elle, dans l’obscurité, sous la voûte étoilée. Pour enfin voir le jour, Il faut naître à la nuit.

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Cut-Throat competition! Globalisation! Profit obsession!
Take me down to the party !
Ressources exploitation! Mass extinction! Manipulation!
Let’s start a war ! Experts agree !
Have you ever tried to get away ? I don’t know why we have to play,
Let’s turn your backs and run away ! Loose everything and leave today !
Misinformation! Discrimation! Military operation!
In the name of democracy !
Segregation! Extermination of the population!
Please shot me down! Cause I’m crazy!
Before they realize, Let’s spread a bunch of lies
And they will drop like flies…

Behind April (LP, 2016)

Pochette Album Behind April 2016

Seasons will change and so do we. I don’t think i will never forget, it took me long time to get over. i was sadly upset. Time has changed the way I see, I’m at peace with myself. I guess That nobody can tell me The interest of bitterness? Seasons will change and so do we. After all our days are few and i will grow up as a tree. You know i had to go through.


I’m going down, as the sun goes down. Down in the hold, as shadows unfold And I know there’s a wall between me and your skin. There’s a tear. But I keep on fighting. Standing right here in front of the abyss of all the things that I did amiss. Why do I fall? I’m lacking air Sinking right down to the bottom. I could come even closer but i know it’s now or never. I’m fighting to resist to the pressure wich is compressing my lungs Everything is going to desapear, All is over, I will expire, I look up there’s a light through the water. I can’t stand it any longer. I must go back up to the surface to the blazing days of summer.


Finally june came With the sun on my face And i wonder : is it a world for dreamers ? Life on a string. Even if we are flying Like dragonflies on the wind. Life on a string. Oh that’s a fact, nothing gonna change my world. One day or the other, we all need to change the world. Life on a string. Even if we are flying like dragonflies on the wind. Life on a string.


I know a place where all my plans are backfired. A place where I go when my soul is sad and tired. This place is your arms where i like to nestle. That’s where i can sink, that’s where i can fell living. When the lights go out like at the end of the show, As I’m a stranger to myself in every place I go, As the sun set, when I’m closed to surrender, That’s where i can sink, that’s where i can fell living.


You came into the world with a gun in your hand. You came into the world without any horizon. what’s in your dreams, boy? what’s in your dreams? You could be my son, boy, You could be my son. You fight for no reason, Sacrified in the name of what ? Because misery pushed you In the arms of this war What’s in your dreams, boy? What’s in your dreams? You could be my son boy, You could be my son.


Hanging around, hanging around… With the ghost of boredom hanging around. Waiting for the morning light hanging around. Waiting for Nothing. Will you come? when will you come? In your lightning dress, oh will you come? Cause we’ve crossed so many empty avenues Searching for something. And the moon was our only witness, As we only could trust on darkness. We’ve realized the brittleness of our Being. Living for Nothing?


This old tiny house in the forest is always closed now, trapped in the dark side of my mind, forgotten by everyone but me. When i come here I can still hear the sound of your breath, i can smell your skin and feel your soul dancing here. Even in one second the all world went down, everything end. Oh time goes on! I can still hear the sound of your voice. When i turn the key and open the door, i’m back in 1997 and we’re still living here together. So many nights surrounded by The eternal pattern of the stars. This home was everything we hoped for and so much more. I remember everything: The time spent in the nature nearby. I remember the red sun falling in the evening summer sky.


We don’t choose our weapons; we don’t choose where we are born. Au long des ghâts filent les eaux de Ganga. Plus tu regardes et moins tu y vois. Il y a ce murmure étrange qui perce le silence, Qui te dit “il est temps, il est temps maintenant !” Tout se mélange, l’espace et le temps Tout s’harmonise au dehors au dedans Quand le brouillard se dissipe au soleil levant Tout est identique et tout est différent. Puisque c’est comme la mer, Puisque tout ce qui avance retourne en arrière. Puisque c’est comme la mer, Puisqu’il y a autant de paradis, qu’il y a d’enfers. Au long des ghâts filent les eaux de Ganga Et dans les flots se confondent Alpha, Omega Il y a ce murmure étrange qui perce le silence Qui te dit “il est temps, il est temps maintenant !”


C’est l’eau, c’est l’air, c’est le feu et la terre. C’est un enfant qui s’endort en rêvant d’ailleurs. La brise sur ta joue et l’odeur de ton cou. C’est la sueur sur ton front, tes efforts dans l’action, ta volonté et tes doutes, chacun de tes pas sur la route qui font de toi un humain qui forge son destin. C’est une danse qui se perd Dans les âges et le mystère, Des mains tendues vers le ciel ou le front contre le sol. La sagesse des Alévis, L’harmonie des Bishnoï. C’est ta voix qui s’élève pour dire qu’elle n’est pas d’accord, Qui rencontrera des échos pour porter plus loin et plus fort Cette idée qui longtemps encore Te survivra après ta mort C’est le voyage et l’errance du crépuscule à l’aurore, L’espoir d’une délivrance quand ils regardent vers le nord. Qu’ils fuient vers l’Égypte ou Lampeduza, De Cayenne, Pyongyang, ou d’Angola.

Participation to
HUBWAR “Collapse Era”
(LP, 2023)

Participation to the Collective
LODGER “Dry Water”
(LP, 2021)
Lodger- Dry Water
Tribute to Emil Cioran
Bran Terror
90’S UTOPIA (avec HUBWAR )

My heart is tickin’ like a time bomb. It all went wrong. I need to flee before they catch me. Steal a car and drive along. I was a punked-out teenager: too much confusion at home. This mess was too much for me ! Now I have no time to roam. I see the glow of their flashlights sweeping the horizon. My brain is on fire. I can see the smoke is rising. I Pull up my hood, it must be three or four A.M.
Hurry to the woods, No choice ! I’ll end up losing them. It’s getting darker and darker, as I go deeper and deeper. The branches tear my skin off, but it doesn’t even matter. Look left, look right, Be deft and go straight. Wind in the leaves, the storm is about to break.
How long did I run? I can’t hear them anymore. One hour or a year ? I know what I’m fighting for. Now it’s like a frozen moment, I feel the danger receding. Like a pause in my destiny, Like the whole world is waiting. My mind is rambling, I slowly lose control. I dream of solitude, my life has always been a struggle. I don’t know what’s happening to my body and soul. Lost in the multitude. I always has been in trouble. Beautiful moon with this calm tune. Summer soon I dream of dunes Flying where I feel so good. My body’s so light. it feels like June. I hear their dogs barking ! I wake up with a start !
I run towards the cliff, so that they never catch me. My heart’s pounding in my ears, anguish is tearing me apart. I’d rather take the plunge, than never be free. Only a few hundred meters before final destination. I gather and focus my strength, but they shoot in my direction. I feel the heat of the asphalt, as I get closer to the road.
On the other side, is the cliff, but my head’s going to explode. As I get out of the forest, I am dazzled by headlights. A car brakes suddenly in a huge cloud of dust. It’s Suzy ! She ask me “are you ok?” I say yeah! She tells me « Throw away your phone, we’re gonna drive west.. Suzy turns off the headlights, and we start with a bang.
If they wanna catch us now, they will have to hang on. We reach the highway, we’ve already taken too long. We’re already too far away. On the road to freedom.


We are losing the link, it’s coming faster than we think. We’ve forgotten the smell of the earth. We have lost the bound of our birth. We don’t know how to make a fire, now, without matches or a lighter. And we no longer sleep in the forest so wide and deep.
Now ! We live in boxes that we call houses. We’ve forgotten the smell of the earth. We have lost the bound of our birth.
It is now time to step aside in the depth of the undergrowth
Snuggle up in the cold of winter, down by the river, I remain silent to listen how the water laugh and glisten.
I will cross many deserts, dense and humid forests. I will climb the highest mountains, drink the water from the foutains (bis)
How could we fall so low? It’s so hard to follow. How could we fall so low? It’s so hard to follow! We are losing the link, it’s coming faster than we think. We’ve forgotten the smell of the earth, we have lost the bound of our birth. How could we fall so low?
It’s so hard to follow! How could we fall so low? It’s so hard to follow?


Paupières mi closes, je vois des formes autour de moi
Dormir sans rêve ni cauchemar, ça ne me concerne pas
Des ombres qui dansent, les monstres de mon cerveau
De sombres silhouettes qui me réveillent en sursaut.
Mais il n’y a rien dans les ténèbres de ma chambre, que le silence
Et je vois loin au-delà de cette pièce aux murs immenses
Par les quatre horizons je dévisage l’enfer de Dante
Je défie la raison, traverse le désert en dilettante.
J’arpente les méandres de mon esprit, les couloirs
de ma pensée labyrinthe ou toutes les théories s’égarent
Regarde l’horloge, il est quatre heures et tout est noir
Alors je repart en exil, vers les cimes du désespoir.
Ces lignes au plafond, je les connais par cœur
J’ai passé trop de temps à décompter les heures.
Je connais chaque fissure, chaque écaille de peinture
Dans l’obscurité des nuits, où s’invitent mes insomnies.
Mille et une données percutent mon esprit
Mille et un stimuli quand je frôle l’épilepsie.
Mille perceptions électriques s’imbriquent telles un Tetris,
Dans le Cortex préfrontal, Activation neuronale.
Réactions psychobiologiques interprétation des signaux
Stimulation des émotions, qui transitent par mes réseaux neuronaux.
Messages chimiques, tensions qui s’installent
Dans le magma de mon cerveau, tout se mélange et s’emballe.
Je perds pied, je percute de plein fouet, mes émotions,
Je m’obstine et je lutte contre mes propres idéaux.
Chercher le bout du tunnel, je n’en ai plus l’intention. Non!
Je me complet dans la démence et je soufre avec brio.