Next Gigs!

3 October 2017

Hello everyone!

After a little summer break that allowed me to compose, it’s gone!
New gigs with some surprises! New tracks, but also the arrival of a new musician on bass who will accompany us from time to time! The more the merrier! However, I will continue occasionally to do solo concerts because I like the freedom that this formula provides. Here are the next dates in Montpellier:


> Friday 06 october @ NÙ BAHIA opening for L’ÉCOLE DES COMPTOIRS. (link event facebook)

> Saturday 21 october @ ANTIROUILLE opening for WILL BARBER. (link event facebook)

> Jeudi 16 novembre au BLACK SHEEP opening for the mythic band The DURGAS. (link event facebook)

For this last gig organized by Yaldise Music I made this poster:

The Durgas + Guilhöm poster

Other surprises should be unveiled shortly! 😉 See you soon, Guilhöm



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