Hello! New clip!

10 May 2020

Hello Everybody!

It has been a long time since I last updated this site.
I admit that it is so easier for me to announce my concerts, my radio broadcasts or my clips on Facebook, I had neglected this pretty site a little too much.

So what has happened since I had never set foot here?

> Some concerts, with Valentin on drums but also now with Benoît on bass,
> Participation in radio programs.
> A lot of new songs in anticipation of the second album which, I hope, will be released in 2021,
> Masterclasses to set up my little home studio (indeed it will allow me to move forward more autonomously for the album!)
> Many photos published on Instagram and published in a beautiful book of a hundred pages in single copy. I hope to expose one of these four.
> Art projects for friends (especially video or sound recording),
> Recently in confinement, the release of “Ouessant” a new track in video on Youtube and Vimeo and in audio on my Bandcamp page.

You see I am not idle and if the project may appear a little on pause, it is not at all stopped!

I will try to come here a little more often to update you more regularly.

So I wish you a good unlockment! See you soon for a gig with some good beers!


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