A nice summer is ending

10 September 2015

Hello everybody,

I take a brief respite to give you some news from the front .

The summer ends softly and for me it was a beautiful season. Certainly I have not done a lot of concerts, but it was an opportunity to present a more constructed and dynamic set (although there is still little things to improve), especially last sunday opening for Shannon Wright (what an overwhelming artist! ) I was accompanied by Valentin Sanchez on drums for the first time.

What a pleasure to share the stage with a so talented musician! What a pleasure to see and hear a really attentive and receptive audience, even if people did not come for me! Believe me it gives wings and desire to continue.

I am also very pleased to be able to play solo when I feel it and when the place lends itself more. Of course this is very different, perhaps even more intimidating, but it’s also very fun and exciting to stand alone in front of an audience came to listen.

How to talk about this summer without mentioning the crowdfunding of my album? It was completed successfully, thanks to the generosity of 87 contributors. The initial goal was even slightly exceeded ! Incredible! So, I prepare the gift rewards and we will mix the album in late October at the Mirador Studio in Corconne (South of France). I envisage a physical output in March ! 2016 should be a great year and I’m looking for concerts to promote this first album. ( I really want to play up !)

Speaking about concerts, I organize with the Label “Yaldise Music”, a weekend of live music with two gigs:
> October 9th 2015: @ Capharnarhum (BEZIERS – France)  SHE OWL (Folk) + Heart Of Wolves (Folk) + Guilhöm
> October 10th 2015: @ Black Sheep (MONTPELLIER – France) SHE OWL (Folk) + Heart Of Wolves (Folk) + Cil (Blues rock folk)

So, this next season should be as beautiful as the one that just ended. See you in October for those gigs, and in March for the album release!


affiche-she-owl-heart-of-wolves-CAPHARNARHUM-web-  affiche-she-owl-heart-of-wolves

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